Fabrica Ramis, Corporate Events and Culture, iconic Building. Inca, Mallorca

Fabrica Ramis, an Iconic Building for events and culture in Inca, Mallorca

Fàbrica Ramis Cultural Calendar

Coming next

El prestigioso pianista Carlos Bonnin vuelve a Fàbrica Ramis acompañando a su hija, la joven promesa de 14 años Lorena Bonnin. Juntos interpretarán obras de compositores como Haydn, Marcello, ...

Fàbrica Ramis Events

Your event in an
emblematical building

Fàbrica Ramis is a building linked to the industrial heritage of Mallorca, which after rehabilitation has opened its doors to the celebration of events.

Fàbrica Ramis Coworking

A Coworking close to you

The Coworking space has been positioned in the Fàbrica Ramis in order to maximize the dynamics of exchange between the various users and, in exchange, with the people and professionals who visit the space.

Fàbrica Ramis Culture

Series on human rights
and fundamental freedoms

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the May 1968 events in France, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Prague Spring, etc. It is also the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. All these events made it clear to us that we had to dedicate a series of activities focused on human rights and fundamental freedoms.
After taking notes during all the series’ various sessions, we now present this summary of conclusions. However, the Ramis Factory doesn’t pretend to offer its own opinions regarding these issues but, rather, summarise and reproduce the primary ideas and conclusions that the series participants themselves reached.

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