Fabrica Ramis, Corporate Events and Culture, iconic Building. Inca, Mallorca

Fabrica Ramis, an Iconic Building for events and culture in Inca, Mallorca

Your event in an iconic building

The Ramis Factory is closely linked to Mallorca’s industrial heritage. After painstaking remodeling, it has re-opened its doors to hold corporate, institutional and private events. This iconic building was built at the end of the 1920s to house a textile factory. In the 1960s, the businessman, Antoni Ramis Tortella, purchased and converted it into a leather goods factory. In the late decades it was run by Francisco Ramis Obrador

Today, the family has created a center to hold all types of corporate, social and cultural events. The building consists of four bays spanning 1,000 square meters each and a central patio and green area measuring 300 square meters. The central patio is also an ecological garden and features a sample of typical flora from the Balearic Islands. The factory’s most distinguishing feature is still the slim, 26-meter-tall chimney, a testament to the city of Inca’s industrial past and its ties to the world of leather goods and shoes.

Finalist, Prize for the conservation of heritage, ARCA
Association for the Revitalization of Old Quarters, 2016.
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